Bryce Canyon, Utah

In May we visited the wondrous Bryce Canyon. We camped in the beautiful Red Canyon campground. There were no hookups and the cost is $15.00 per night.

_MG_2538  _MG_2537

We were surrounded by beautiful red rock formations.

_MG_2528 _MG_2520


When we first went into the Bryce Canyon national park, we pulled into the visitors center. We went in and received information on the park. These are pictures of the lodge and surrounding cabins.

_MG_2408 _MG_2405

I was interested in the wavy roofs of these buildings. _MG_2409






Then we walked around on a trail which led us to the canyon overlook. We were not prepared for this awesome sight. It literally took our breath away. The winds along the rim are very strong.

_MG_2340  _MG_2343

_MG_2346 The odd shaped pillars are called hoodoos.

We spent the rest of the day touring the park and stopping at all the overlook sites.


Sheep Creek


Ponderosa Point



Ponderosa Point



Black Birch Canyon



Sheep Creek



Sheep Creek



Natural Bridge, elevation 8,627

Natural Bridge, elevation 8,627











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  1. Susan Prichard at 2:47 pm

    Great photography of such a beautiful natural wonder. So glad you are enjoying your trip, thanks for sharing!