The Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The Grand Tetons are spectacular. We visited the park in May this year.


We took a full day to drive the main loop, here is a link to the map.


_MG_3097 _MG_2994

_MG_3121 _MG_3078 _MG_3118

_MG_2971 _MG_2951

Below are pictures of the Mormon Row Historic District.

_MG_3001-2  _MG_3004

_MG_3017 _MG_3006-2






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  1. Dayna at 11:16 am

    Love those mountains.
    Looks like you guys took off early this year from Casa Grande.
    Our good friends Bill and Paulette from Florida just bought a 29 foot RV and are learning the ropes.
    Do you mind if I give them your blog? Maybe you can meet up with them on the road.
    Their goal is to visit all of the National Parks.
    Wish Tom would retire so we could travel too. HA!

    All is good here. We are having hurricane after hurricane but none of them reach Hawaii, thank God.
    Just get wind and rain and surf.
    Regatta is in full swing. Not doing too badly.
    Happy Anniversary! I think it is this week.
    Would love to talk one day soon.
    Miss you guys.
    Love, Dayna

    • Kathleen at 10:19 pm

      By all means give them our blog link. Thank you, our anniversary is Thursday. We sure miss you. I’m glad no hurricanes have come close.
      Love You,